Our expertise in use regardless of your needs

Presteel industries

Our thick-wall heavy tubes, cylinders and rolls can be used in a number of applications. Our ability to adhere to tight tolerances and produce high dimensional accuracy allow us to manufacture demanding products, such as rotating components, in an efficient way. On the one hand, thanks to high dimensional accuracy, vibration can be calculated and controlled during the entire service life of our products. On the other hand, using high-strength materials allows for lower wall thicknesses to be used in applications where heavy wall thicknesses were traditionally required. Our products are used every day in a number of applications.

In addition to tubes, our product range includes partial segments for cones and cylinders. Bent components are easy to use in construction sites and weld together on-site.


Presteel industries – pulp and paper industry

Pulp and paper industry

Our product range is perfectly suited for the pulp and paper industries. Our tubes are used as a roll shells or axles which are designed to fit for purpose. Rolls are typically used in cardboard, paper or tissue machines all around the world. We serve our customers regardless of the age of their machinery: whether it is brand new, upgraded or being maintained, our products are equally suited to all.

Presteel lifting industry

Lifting industry

Our high-capacity press brake forms high-strength materials into shape. Round or ellipse cross-sections are highly resistant to loading and stress, which makes them ideal for booms and other lift components. The high strength and hardness of the material is an advantage in winches, such as hoist drum rolls. 


Presteel industries – Construction industry, Friends Arena

Construction Industry

Typical applications include bridges, piles, poles, masts, chimneys and valves. Long spans are commonly used in sports arenas, terminals and bridges, for example. We have extensive experience in offering high-quality performance and we hold a number of quality management certificates to prove it, which guarantees excellent service to our clients operating in the building and development sectors. Depending on the application, we comply with the requirements of EN 1090, TÜV or PED.

Presteel industries – offshore industry

Offshore industry

Thanks to our wide range of materials accepted by classification societies, heat treatment capabilities and extensive experience in various projects, we have a solid foundation to operate in the offshore industry. We regularly deliver tubes for the structural components of oil and gas rigs, floating platforms and other structural elements. The majority of our products are intended for harsh environments where construction is carried out in compliance with the strictest regulations.


Presteel industries – storage tanks and vessels

Storage tanks, vessels

We supply construction sites with ready-made bent plates for building full scale storage tanks. Depending on the size of the tank, we can deliver either components of a tank or the entire tank. We manufacture hoppers and screw conveyors for bulk materials. 


Presteel industries – subcontracting

Subcontracting possibilities

In addition to the industries listed, our products and services are used in a number of other applications by a range of industries. Contact us to find out how we are able to meet your needs!