Heavy tubes all around the world

We serve a number of industries in which tubes, rolls, tanks or cones with heavy wall thickness and high dimensional accuracy are required. We manufacture products to match your requirements and comply with the highest quality standards all the way from raw materials to ready-made tubes.


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In addition to high precision, we are renowned for short delivery times, flexibility and production capacity. We work in close cooperation with our customers from the construction, offshore, lifting,  paper and pulp industries. We specialise in products with heavy wall thickness and that are made of high-strength materials.


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Presteel manufactures longitudinally welded tubes for various applications. Our powerful press brakes enable the production of heavy wall thicknesses and the use of high-strength materials. We are able to produce a wide range of diameters from 270 mm to 5,500 mm. Our roll bending machine is mainly used for producing storage tanks and silos.

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Presteel’s production capacity covers products of all sizes

Presteel - Valves
Presteel - Paper mill rolls and shells
Paper mill rolls and shells
Presteel - Storage tanks
Storage tanks
Presteel - Oil and gas rigs
Oil and gas rigs
Presteel - Hoist drum rolls
Hoist drum rolls
Presteel - Lifting arms
Lifting arms
Presteel - Bridges
Presteel - Supportive structures in buildings
Supportive structures in buildings

Presteel Ltd is specialized into making longitudinally welded steel tubes, bend components, thick wall pressure vessels and cones. All of the products are manufactured according to customer requirements including heat treatment.